la promesa

A few weeks ago I was at Trujillo's when I noticed that across the street, in the old La Torta location, was a new taco shop called La Promesa. New taco shop + weird name = Jerry has to check it out. Turns out, it was a Christian taco shop. I know, right? Now, I'm not religious, but I typically try (and often fail) to be respectful of other people's views, especially if they are modest about it. For example, I don't give a shit about the hidden Biblical citations at In'N'Out. They're discreet, plus the business is ran in a mostly ethical manner, which I respect. But La Promesa does not take the In'N'Out route. Oh, no, no. They prefer the in-your-face brand of prosthelytizing. It's like they wanted to make sure I felt uncomfortable. To wit, this was the wrapper to my burrito:
Subtle, eh?

There are Biblical passages written on all of the walls. Personally, I would have avoided writing anything over the freaking bathroom.

 It's like some sort of constipation prayer. Weird.

Anyways, to each their own. I'm free to not eat here. But, good food will make me overlook a lot of things. So how was the burrito?

Tortilla - Chewy. Major faux paux. I'd give it a D.
Carne Asada - Pretty good, if a little tough. Rates a B.
Hot sauce - the watery Alberto's kind that I cannot stand - D.

So with Trujillo's, who have some of the best tortillas, carne asada, and hot sauce in town (AND don't make me feel like some sort of Godless heathen, even if, really, that's kinda what I am), I doubt I'll be visiting La Promesa anytime soon.
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