the queers / pink lincolns - live at some prick's house (1994 just add water)

The Queers side was recorded in 1991 at M.I.T., because future advances in science and technology should always be shaped in some part by snotty pop punk. The Pink Lincolns side was recoded in 1993 at Sombre Reptile in Atlanta.

Shpadoinkle has a higher quality rip of this, but I'm anal, and wasn't satisfied with where the song breaks were, so I ripped it myself. I'm not proud of this mp3 OCD I have.

  1. Q: We'd Have A Riot Doing Heroin
  2. Q: This Place Sucks
  3. Q: Kicked Out Of The Webelos
  4. Q: I Want Cunt
  5. Q: Nobody Likes Me
  6. PL: I've Got My Tie On
  7. PL: Suck My Left One
  8. PL: Big Bouncer, Angry Bouncer 

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