heart attack grill

On the last day of our Spring Training trip to Phoenix, me and MM hit up Heart Attack Grill in Chandler. The place is a big gimmick: gluttony. They serve big burgers, all-you-can-eat fries cooked in 100% lard, unfiltered cigarettes, you get the idea. The waitresses are dressed as scantily-clad nurses, and you have to wear a hospital gown once you've been attended to. Other quirks: ambulance parked outside, eat free if you weigh over 350 lbs,  a free ride in a wheelchair if you order and finish a quadruple bypass (a two pound burger), and signs like this.

So how was the food?

Burger was good. It kinda bummed me out that they would not cook it medium-rare. Considering the theme, I figured that was a pretty tame request. The condiments are of the do-it-yourself variety, I kept it to tomato, onion, pickle, and mayo. Like I said, good burger, not great.

The fries, on the other hand, wow. They were on the soft-side, which is expected considering all the grease. They were good enough on their own, but they just soaked up malt vinegar, which put them over the top. Not going to mention how many times I went back for more.

The downside? I have an iron stomach, and this was just way too much grease for me. The ride home was a little painful at first.

I'm going to assume veganboyjosh didn't make it past the first paragraph before turning away in disgust.
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