zeke - fight in the storeroom (1994 rat city)

(Another repost for uniformity's sake)

In 1994 I was doing a radio show at KFSR (Fresno State), and we got this particular 7-inch in. I had never heard of Zeke, but I liked it a lot, and so I played it a lot. Immediately went out and bought the Super Sound Racing LP.  At the time, I was relatively new to the punk scene; I lived in Lemoore during the early 80's and was culturally isolated. But the response from the old school punks who listened to my show was overwhelming. "Who the hell was that?" was the typical positive response. In the days of Epi-Fat mall punk (which, make no mistake, I loved), the old schoolers were dying for something like Zeke. I loaned the SSR CD to Little Jon, and , understandably, that bad boy was gone forever. 

  1. Fight In The Storeroom
  2. Green Barracuda
  3. Don De Esta

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