alex spanos sucks

I swear if I wasn't a Chargers fan, I would loathe them.

Chuck Piro has been going to Chargers games for 30 years and never once missed a kickoff — until Sunday, when an unpublicized change in the team's admission policy delayed thousands of fans' entrance to the home opener.

This year two gates at Qualcomm Stadium are being set aside exclusively for luxury-seat ticket holders, herding fans with tickets that cost up to $98 into nearby gates with no barricades or security to stop people from taking cuts. Fans call the new policy discriminatory because it pits about 8,000 luxury-seat holders against 60,000-or-so others who must walk farther and wait longer to get into the stadium at a time when it's a luxury just to buy a football ticket.

That's gonna win the public over for a new stadium. 

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