the arrivals - sisters series vol 2 (2009 razorcake)

To answer Friday's question, no. The Arrivals are one of the finest current acts out of the Windy City.

I was lucky enough to see them  Saturday night with Dillinger Four (more on that later), and picked this gem up. This is part of an extended split 7" with the Grabass Charlestons. What is an extended 7" you ask? Well, as far as I understand, each band has it's own 7" with three originals plus a cover of the other band. Then, if you get both 7"'s and put them together, the covers make one big cover. Neat.

This record takes a bit of a different direction than some of their earlier stuff. I was struggling to find a way to describe it, but SC nailed it: It's more Elvis Costello-ish. 

Anyhoo, The Arrivals are rad and should be better known. Download this. And then go buy it. And then subscribe to Razorcake.

  1. My Generation
  2. I Wouldn't Dare
  3. Drill Baby Drill
  4. Ask Mark Twain (Grabass Charlestons)


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