chargers contrarianism

God, some of the more "serious" Chargers outlets are falling all over themselves to defend Norv Turner's playcalling. Bolt's From The Blue says he made the right calls (adding that the Ravens "should have been caught off-guard. Really? With no wideouts and everyone crowded in the box?). Tim Sullivan says that he's pretty sure Norv and his staff thought very, very hard about the calls (which is probably part of the problem).

I'm gonna chalk all this up to a mix of homer-ism and Slate-like contrarianism. I will also add that I don't really care. It's a game. I find following the football to be a pleasant diversion. I was over yesterday's loss about ten seconds after the last play. It's really fun to have these discussions and arguments over strategy, playcalling, and everything else. As mad as I might seem sometimes, I'm really not.  It's a game.

Apparently, not everyone has my sunny outlook.
I wish the fans that talk bad about Norv's play calling could be lined up and shot. You're the scum of the earth! I hate hate hate, your monday morning quarterbacking... I loathe your kind. go slit your own throats!
 Haha. I'm like, kinda flattered someone would think of me with so much passion. 
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