narcissistic freds - hot pone action (1995 second guess)

This band flew under the radar in the 90's, which is a shame, because they were simply better than most pop-punk band's of the era.

  • Because of their association with Second Guess Records, I always assumed they were from Reno. Turns out, they are from San Antonio, TX.  The more you know...
  • NF sound a lot like Squirtgun, but "Buddy" sounds a lot a lot  like Squirtgun.
  • I can't even begin to tell you how much I love the cover. 
  • "Invisible Man" also appears on the split with Zoinks!, which I have already posted
  • You're welcome.
  1. You Fucked Up
  2. Buddy
  3. Conceit
  4. Invisible Man
  5. Bring 'Em Down

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