The place I grew up, Lemoore, CA, is a odd mix of farmers, farmworkers, and military folk (my presence in Lemoore was military related). As you can imagine, it's a pretty conservative area. But more than anything, what gets you elected is your stand on farming issues. This is why many Democrats (Cal Dooley, Jim Costa, etc) have served long periods of time in Valley districts that skew overwhelmingly Republican. I understand the farmer's perspective. I don't always agree with it (farmworker relations, environmental concerns), but I respect it. To a point.

Central Valley farmers, I love you, but we need to cut the shit. Agribusiness is one of the most subsidized industries in the country. So could you please stop this no-more-taxes, anti-government bullcrap? I understand that you are not getting your full water allotments. I sympathize with that. But let's stop pretending that you are not taking that water from somewhere else. The Delta is a hundred miles away, and there's no river that flows to Kings County. You do not own the Delta! The Central Valley Project was not paid for by farmers. Do you think that Pine Flat Dam built itself? Your water gets to you exactly because of the government, not despite it. And you pay next to nothing for it!

So while I do sympathize, I can't get past the rank hypocrisy of turning on the government when it has been you biggest benefactor for 100 years.

But more than that, bringing in and virtually fellating the odious Sean Hannity highlight your woes, well, you may have just lost me.

It's one thing to say that human concerns in this case outweigh environmental concerns. There's a debate to be had there. But dismissing environmental concerns as "eco-tyranny"? Booing fish? If you're coming from a perspective of either A) "Farming does not cause environmental damage", or B) "Yeah, farming causes environmental damage, but so what?", then is there really a chance in hell of having an honest debate? If you are allowed to simply dismiss those whose view is different than yours, why shouldn't they dismiss you? I won't even get into the "God Squad" angle.

Basically, what I'm saying is that you could sway a lot of people's opinions if you would stop acting like children.

Okay, that's off my chest.

I do hope you get your water. I really do.
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