everready - county transit system (1995 mutant pop)

If I told you
how much I hated you
would you still want me?

One of the sucky things about living in San Diego is that when most people think of San DIego punk bands, they think of fucking Blink-182 and Unwritten Law when they should be thinking about the Zeros. About Battalion Of Saints. About Unbroken. About The Neighbors. And yes, about Everready.

Everready were San Diego's answer to Green Day, only drunker and more honest (and better, I would argue - certainly better than the post 1995 Green Day). I understand why they didn't make it big (not they they cared about that sort of thing), but the lack of respect and rememberance of them does grate. They were a great fucking band. Recognize.

This record was played a lot, so it's a bit scratchy at times. But that's the sign of a special record. This version of "Dum-E" is in my top 5 Everready songs.

I previously posted the "Getting Smarter" EP.

  1. County Transit System
  2. I'm A Boy
  3. Dum-E 

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