chargers / dolphins

  • I really don't have a lot of complaints with Norv's handling of the game. Most of the stuff that didn't work was due to the players, not coaching decisions. 
  • That said, I could definitely use less of Darren Sproles going up the middle and off-tackle. That's not what he does, and it has not worked. Michael Bennett is more than adequate for that purpose.
  • Philip Rivers did not have his finest game, which is okay sometimes. But the red zone offense is a major concern. I'm not seeing enough throws to Antonio Gates in the end zone.
  • What happened to Chris Chambers?
  • I was ready to give up on the run defense, but they stepped up when it counted. Yes, they got lucky on the Ronnie Brown fumble, but luck is a part of the game.
  • The injuries are stacking up (now Merriman is hurt), and it's more than worrying. But the Chargers are 2-1, with that close loss being to what is looking like a Super Bowl caliber Baltimore team. The young guys are getting thrown into the fire, and hopefully they'll improve week after week. The Vaughn Martin and Larry English picks are beginning to look brilliant.
  • Eric Weddle is our secret Troy Polamalu. Don't get me wrong, he's not close to being as good as Polamalu (yet), but he plays a similar game. He's all over the field, and seems to be involved in every play. Incredibly underrated guy. 
  • I was a little worried when Pennington got hurt. My memory could be wrong, but I think it was against the Chargers that Drew Bledsoe got hurt and was replaced by Michigan's Tom Brady, who proceeded to act like he's been starting for five years and shredded the Chargers. Now Pennington gets hurt and is replaced by Michigan's Chad Henne, who proceeds to stink up the joint. Take that, superstition.  
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