fire norv

Even if the Chargers were healthy, I was not confident of a win against the Ravens, because 1) The Ravens are a very good football team, and 2) the Chargers are a very overrated football team, who are 3) coached by Norv Turner.


So, being as depleted as they were due to injuries, I was encouraged to see them in a position to win this game. But I can't say that I'm happy. In fact, I'm a little pissed. The reason is pretty obvious: Norv Turner.


Seeing San Diego come out of the gate throwing the ball was a hopeful sign. Looking at the personell on the team, it's pretty obvious it's what we should have been doing all along. But we haven't. Because of Norv Turner.


But let's let the past be the past. All this throwing in the first half, perhaps it's a new era of Charger football. Air Coreyell redux. Hope lives!


But then: End of first half. Chargers have the ball inside the Raven's ten yard line. Ten seconds left. 3rd Down. It's pretty obvious that you take a shot throwing into the end zone, right? It's not going to take ten seconds, and if it's incomplete, you kick the field goal. Even I know that.

But Norv outsmarted everyone buy kicking the field goal on third down. That's Fire Norv Reason Number 5468.  


Okay, so we move to the second half. The Chargers are still getting outplayed. The loss of Jamal Williams is glaring. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that he's the second most important person on the team behind Philip Rivers, who, by the way, almost lost the game single-handedly by getting a throw-away pass intercepted. But despite all this, the Chargers are somehow still in the game.  

San Diego is down five with less than a minute to go in the game. Philip Rivers is conducting one of his patented Philip Rivers game winning drives. San Diego faces a 4th and 2. The passing game has been brilliant for most of the day. The running game has struggled. The offensive line is depleted. LaDanian Tomlinson is out. Devin Hester has been ineffective as a fullback.

You make the call.

Quick slant to Antonio Gates or Vincent Jackson? Go for the TD with a corner fade route?

Oh, I forgot to mention: Norv Turner is your coach. 

That's right, have Sproles run the ball up the middle, only to run into the waiting arms of Ray Lewis for a loss.

Game over.

Fire Norv.


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