la mesa sucks

I January, I moved out of the city of San Diego into neighboring La Mesa. In the 36 years before living in La Mesa, I received maybe five traffic tickets. In the eight months I've lived in La Mesa, I've recieved three. So maybe I'm biased. But this is riduculous:
Trustees of the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District met in a special session on Labor Day and voted to prohibit their schools from showing President Barack Obama's speech Tuesday to district students.

Special session? On Labor Day (I'm curious if they are going to get paid for this session)? To prohibit (not "leave to teacher's discretion") the President from telling students to be responsible and work hard?

Unbelievable what's going on in this country.

Rick Winet, Bob Duff, and Penny Halgren - you are cowards and an embarrassment to your "profession", not that I think too highly of trustees to begin with.
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